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Koh Lipe Attractions

Mu Ko Tarutao National Park

Although Mu Koh Tarutao National Park comprises 51 islands, there are only 7 large islands


Ko Lipe

Of all the islands of  Satun, Ko Lipe is the island where the most ancient community is established. 


Ko Khai

Ko Khai is a small island in the middle of the two major islands, Ko Tarutao and Ko Adang-Rawi.


Ko Adang

The island has an area of around 30 km2, with many beautiful beaches of fine sand. It is surrounded by small islands, and is an ideal place for diving


Ko Rawi

Koh Rawi is the large island of almost the same size as Koh Adang surrounded by many rocks, high steep cliffs, clean white sandy beach and clear sea offering quietness for relaxation.


Ko Hin Ngam

It is a small island located to the southwest of Ko Adang. On the beach, there are smooth black stones in different shapes and with beautiful patterns. The stones will be bright and glossy when wet.


Ko Jabang / Jabang Channel

This island is good site for diver because of the underwater secenery that you will witness, the magnificent and perfectly preseved water park is here, many colors of coral reefs that will amaze you.


Ko Yang

Here, the sea is crystal clear and it is a source of beautiful hard corals, such as staghorn coral, leaf coral, and brain coral. Good for scuba diving and some water sport activities that surely you will enjoy the ambiance of the place.


Ko Dong - Ko Hin Son

The remarkable thing in this island is range of rocks, which lie on each other in a beautiful but strange style. There's place for both scuba and deep diving where you can enjoy the beautiful sight of under water world. 


Ko Lor Kuay

This is compose of white sandy beach lovated along the Koh Lipe, this are is nice to jave some fun like beach volleyball and make some realaxation, you will also enjoy the brauty of underwater scene.

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